Business name : Stamps Landing Yacht Club

Stamps Landing Yacht Club (SLYC) was founded in 1989 by a number of boat owners based at Heather Civic Marina, and with the assistance of Stamps Landing Pub (now the Wicklow). Many original members were formerly members of the Jib Set.

Over the years our membership has evolved to include members who keep their boats at Burrard Bridge Marina, Spruce Marina, and even as far afield as the Sunshine Coast and the Gulf Islands.
Actually, no. Some of our members are in-between boats, and some have never owned a boat. As long as you’re interested in being around boats, learning, or talking about boating, you’re in! There’s nothing wrong with being an “armchair skipper”!
Currently we’re about 40 members, with about 20 boats, so we’re more like a boating family, and it won’t take long to get to know everyone. We’re not interested in being a big club, but we do want to welcome new members!