Business name : Squamish Yacht Club

A number of us had our boats tied up at the Govt. dock; a couple at McGee’s floats and one tied up at Schneider’s float beside his tugboat (now Blue Heron Marina). McGee’s is now the Golden Eagle Marina. I think this must have been 1972. A meeting was held in the High School to organize ourselves and get this yacht club underway. Vern Walker was appointed as Commodore, I think he worked on the Woodfibre ferry as skipper then. Charlotte Martin took the first minutes down and then Judy Board was appointed secretary. I believe Cliff Bakke was appointed treasurer. We had a Board of Directors in the beginning and I think they were Sony Davis, Zeb Rieddel, Elgin Tetachuck and maybe Hugh Denny. Hugh owned and operated the “Big Scoop” restaurant where the Mountain Burger House now sits, and he was a good organizer. We got things organized the first year then Hugh became Commodore. He organized some good parties but didn’t seem too concerned about the monetary end of it, which caused concern to Cliff, the treasurer, who was very conservative. One party, I recall, was a Hawaiian type shindig held at the Legion Hall with grass skirts and all. A lot of tickets were sold but not enough to cover expenses. So after the hangovers settled we were in debt up to our armpits but we got through it somehow. Some of the mugs hang in the clubhouse today. I found them in our cupboards; I think I paid around $20.00 each for them to help level the debt.