Business name : Victoria Cruising Club

The Victoria Cruising Club originally started as the Victoria Outboard Club in 1956. Members’ vessels were not very large but they managed to go cruising none the less (complete with small family members and the usual pet).

Around 1970 the Club’s name was changed to the “Victoria Cruising Club”. The Victoria Cruising Club maintains a maximum of 75 members plus 8 Associate members and 7 Honorary members. With 75 vessels on the roster we can pretty well take up most of the moorage that many marinas have to offer. Many of our members are graduates of the Canadian Power Squadron and many belong to the various local Yacht Clubs as well.

As a Cruising Club we are dedicated to boating safety and are affiliated with the B.C. Council of Yacht Clubs who act as a lobby group to the various levels of Government (both Provincial and Federal) to protect and acquire properties for the use and enjoyment by recreational boaters.