Business name : Tuscaloosa Sailing Club

On a cold March night in 1972, eighteen sailors gathered in a small auditorium and voted to form the Tuscaloosa Sailing Club. Each put up a sum of money with the understanding that if suitable property could not be found, all of the money would be refunded. Who could ever imagine that such a meager beginning would result in the sailing club that we know today? Through the efforts of these eighteen members, and many others that have since followed, the Tuscaloosa Sailing Club has developed into an excellent facility for enjoying the sport of sailing. The Sailing Club, as it is more commonly called, is located off U.S. Highway 43, just east of the entrance of Binion Creek and Lake Tuscaloosa. The club is comprised of approximately 6 acres, directly adjacent to the lake. Facilities include clubhouse, loading ramps, docks, wet slips, campgrounds and boat storage. The club was designed and built to accommodate 50 to 60 families. This manual is being provided to acquaint both old and new members with the policies and procedures of the club. The design of the manual is such that it may be updated on a regular basis as information is added, deleted or changed. The Board of Governors of the Tuscaloosa Sailing Club hopes this manual will enhance each member’s enjoyment of the club, and provide them with ample knowledge to fully participate in its activities.