Business name : South Okanagan Sailing Association

If you are looking for lakeshore to sail your dinghy boat from; a place to meet other sailors and have fun racing; a place to put yourself or children in sailing lessons, then we have the place for you: South Okanagan Sailing Association. A jewel of a sailing club in the Okanagan for over 50 years. Membership is open to anyone and all non-motorized small crafts are welcome.

The Co-op program, in addition to Sosa’s constitution, provides an opportunity for members to develop skills in handling, care and maintenance of small sailboats.

Co-op members are expected to assist with the organization, documentation, safety, repairs and maintenance of the Co-op boats.

The Co-op membership is $75 in addition to other applicable membership dues and requirements. Small parts may also need to be supplied by Co-op members. The cost is not anticipated to be significant.

Boat share Co-op fleet
Currently boats we have: 1 Arrow, 1 Enterprize, 1 Invitation
2 Stand up paddle boards
Boats will be clearly marked as Boat share Co-op boats.