Business name : South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club

CCYC is the longest-lived yacht club in Santa Monica Bay and among the oldest on the Pacific Coast, tracing its incorporation to the depression year of 1932 on March 31, 1932.

South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club has gone through many changes from its earlier foundations, retaining the spirit of yachting and having a good time. Today, we are a cross-section of the yachting community, incorporating a variety of craft from single man rowing shells and sabots to ocean racers competing internationally and power cruisers.

Highlights of 1932 – 1939
As the great depression deepened and spread, two key groups in SCCYC’s early history formed; Santa Monica Sailing Club and South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club, both organized in 1932. These two groups differed considerably – SMSC was mainly composed of Star, Snipe and dinghy sailors who met informally and never incorporated. By contrast, SCCYC was actively promoted by large boat “yachtsmen”, collected dues and initiation fees and incorporated as a California non-profit corporation in 1932. On the other hand, both groups shared an interest in sailing.

SMSC sailors launched their home built boats from the sands of Santa Monica beach and met in ocean front cabins. It’s first Commodore was August Paulson. SCCYC’s first Commodore was Eugene Overton, a spirited sailor. In 1934 the Santa Monica breakwater was completed and SCCYC obtained a small meeting room on the Santa Monica Pier. The location was convenient since the Pier had a crane which could be used for hoisting the more popular boats of the day, such as Snipes and Six-Meters.

This period came to a close in 1937 with the deterioration of the breakwater and the City of Santa Monica granting a lease to the proposed Catalina Island steamer (requiring elimination of yacht moorings inside the breakwater). SCCYC abandoned its dream to build a larger Clubhouse in that area. Contributions for construction were returned; the Club disposed of its assets and liabilities and went dormant, except for the name and Articles of Incorporation.

In 1938, SCCYC and the Santa Monica Sailing Club joined forces and voted to adopt the Articles of Incorporation of SCCYC. The new group elected new Officers/Board of Directors and started to grow and thrive. By the end of the decade, the Club had joined the Southern California Yacht Racing Association (SCYRA) sponsoring the first Pacific Coast Championship Regatta in Santa Monica Bay.