Business name : South Bay Yacht Club

One of the oldest yacht clubs in the area, the South Bay Yacht Club (S.B.Y.C.) was founded in 1888 as the South Bay Yachting Association by a group of 35 influential businessmen with a love of sailing. The Club was incorporated as the South Bay Yacht Club in 1896 and the clubhouse was built in 1903. The club and its facilities are historic and located in a Historic District of Alviso. The clubhouse was moved up to it’s current location from 1982 to 1985 due to levee realignment.

The original members conducted races, regattas, and other social sailing events through the club.

Historically a men’s club, Margaret Trevey founded the SBYC Auxiliary, the first organization of its type in the area, in 1938. The SBYC Auxiliary continued to be a valuable asset to the yacht club until the bylaws were amended in 1986 to allow for family and individual female memberships.

Nowadays the SBYC is home to both sailing and boating enthusiasts as well as community residents.