Business name : Silver Gate Yacht Club

In 1951, the Silver Gate Yacht Club began as just a dream in the hearts of a handful of San Diego Boat owners, but it soon evolved into a commitment to make this dream a reality.

The first step was the completion of by-laws that were needed to receive a state charter. These by-laws came together during an overnight camp out on the bare sands of Shelter Island and were finished at dawn. An event celebrated at our Silver Fizz breakfast

The next goal was a clubhouse and adjoining marina. This began with members pledges which came in slowly as the club continued to grow. At last there was enough to move forward. A lease was signed with the San Diego port district and construction began. The club’s first social event — a wall raising followed by a pot luck dinner — was the first regular meeting held on the Silver Gate Yacht Club’s own property.

When the charter was granted in November 1952, and application made for recognition by the Southern California Yachting Association, the Silver Gate was on the way to becoming the fastest growing club in San Diego.

For over 60 years the Silver Gate Yacht Club has built a proud history of bringing boaters together for friendship, camaraderie and to continue its long tradition of giving back to the community.

Silver Gate Yacht Club members represent a rich cross-section of sailors, power boaters, fisherman, racers and all who love being on the water and building friendships and socializing with others who do.

We also bring our love of the water to the San Diego community through three signature annual charitable events – the Wheelchair Regatta, the Schooner Cup and our hosting of the Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge, plus offering an extensive Junior Sailing Program.

You are invited to explore the Silver Gate Yacht Club and consider becoming part of our community.