Business name : Segel Club Albertus Magnus Schule

The sailing club Albertus Magnus School has evolved from a group of sailing inclination Albertus Magnus School. Today our club covers some 120 adults and 60 young people, students of various schools from all over Vienna.

Sailing area

The sailing area is the sailing center Neue Donau Nord at Strebersdorf, accessible on the bank of the Danube highway A22, exit Strebersdorf, or bus line 33B.

The sailing center

The Sailing Center is a Ges.mbH, consisting of 2 clubs, the Union Sailing Club Albertus Magnus School (SC AMS) and the Sailing Club ASKÖ Floridsdorf (SAF), and the Maritime School DIBL and a restaurant.

Each Club has some floating docks. A slipway is the waters of the boats.