Business name : San Leandro Yacht Club

Hans Schneider is still reflecting “…some enthusiastic members approached the City of San Leandro to lease some land and build a clubhouse. The members loaned the club money, interest free, and the work of building the clubhouse was done by volunteers. When you came into the clubhouse in those days the floor was concrete painted red. The bar was from plywood, tables were cable wheels covered with plywood, the chairs were from Goodwill, and everybody was happy to have a place to meet. The early Board of Directors decided not to have a galley, but later on there was a need to bring in the non-active members so a dinner once a month was introduced. A donated pool table, covered with a sheet of plywood was used as a serving table, our silverware was plastic, paper plates were used for easy cleanup, and meals were cooked at home and brought in. In the clubhouse were long lines to feed the hungry! For membership drives we held pancake breakfasts. To cook the eggs, bacon, and pancakes, members lent their gas stoves from the boats. Everybody enjoyed these adventures. Later the First Mates were founded and they made money through flea markets and bake sales, etc. to buy real silverware and dishes for the club. This is just a small part of the history of our club.”