Business name : Royal North Sea Yacht Club

The North Sea Yacht Club was built up in the winter of 1946 – 1947 by a gathering of youthful aficionados cruising Snipes and Papillons. The then Lord Mayor of Ostend, Henri Serruys, put the Montgomery dock at the transfer of the Club and with the Commodore Georges Timmermans DSC in charge, this incredible yacht Club was conceived.

The main Dragons showed up at the Club in the 50’s and from that point forward the Dragon armada has been the center of the Club’s exercises. The “ELAN” gave to late King Baudouin I has been extremely dynamic Dragon of the armada.

Throughout the years numerous real Championships, R.O.R.C. furthermore, Yacht Races have been sorted out by the R.N.S.Y.C. also, went by Ostend, the most imperative ones bein