Business name : Redondo Beach Yacht Club

RBYC originally began as Palos Verdes Yacht Club in 1961 by a group of Sabot sailors who lived on the Palos Verdes peninsula and launched their small 8-ft. boats over the rocks in Malaga cove. The club met in homes and school auditoriums for many years, and was considered a “paper club”. With the construction of King Harbor in Redondo Beach in the 60’s and the ownership of boats of all sizes, the membership of the club took on a new composition.

Members came from all the communties in the South Bay, and in 1970 the club moved to a facility in King Harbor. Early club facilities in the harbor included a trailer, located on the waterfront at the end of Mole B. Families enjoyed this spot, as their children could roller skate and skateboard in the adjacent “cul-de-sac”, while races could be finished from the clubhouse deck. Perhaps our most interesting location and facility was the “Lady Alexandra” dining ship, it allows us to claim we are the only Yacht Club to have sunk!

 In 1981 the club changed it’s name to Redondo Beach Yacht Club. In the early 1990’s we moved into our new clubhouse, in the King Harbor Marina office complex, and became a solid, recreational boating group supplying a need for the moderate income boater of the South Bay with reasonable dues and clear & simple by-laws.