Business name : Puerto Galera Yacht Club

This is the home of the Cruising Yacht Club of the Philippines

We are situated on the upper east shore of Mindoro Island, Philippines, inside a noteworthy, regular tropical storm cover at around N13° 30.75′ E120° 57.25′

The Puerto Galera Yacht Club invites cruising yachts and extravagance engine yachts from Asia and all around the globe to make the most of our one of a kind accommodation and our emphasis on all things cruising; come tie-up at our hurricane safe moorings and pull-up a stool at the bar for the best prologue to the Philippines the cruising focal point of Equator Asia

In November 2004 Puerto Galera was acknowledged as an individual from

The Club Of The Most Beautiful Bays In The World

what’s more, remains the main ‘most wonderful sounds part’ from the Philippines.

In these pages you will find a thousand motivations to visit the Puerto Galera Yacht Club and more data than you sought after about Philippines cruising, dinghy cruising, windsurfing, scuba jumping, snorkeling and all other water sports in the Philippines.

The inaugural Marinduque Rally begins today in Mogpog, Marinduque. Twelve cruising yachts will appreciate shoreline grills, diversions, touring around Marinduque before a cruising race back to Puerto Galera on Friday.

This is the first of various arranged cruising rally occasions intended to offer guests some assistance with exploring alternate islands near the heart of the Philippines.

On the off chance that you don’t possess a yacht yet need to take an interest in a cruising rally as team then that is fine as well. There are dependably yachts searching for additional group and a few yachts will take amateurs and experience seekers. On the off chance that you are team, beginner or experience seeker then you simply need to contact the yacht club office and they will put you name on the rundow