Business name : Prescott Sailing Club

e’re sailors who, perhaps like you, might have once thought sailing in the Prescott area was out of the question. Not!
What do we do?
We’ve had a lot of fun together sailing Lynx, Watson, and Willow Lakes, and sometimes had cook-outs at these events. We also occasionally sailed Lake Pleasant. Check out our photos of these activities through the “Photos” link at top of page.

Now, all such outings are suggested and participated in by Prescott Area Sailing Meetup (as opposed to Prescott Sailing Club) members. The Meetup also has fun and largely social meetings over drinks and/or dinner, to discuss outings, boats, boat-building, boat maintenance, sailing conditions, sailing techniques, sailing safty, etc. And to tell sailing ‘tales’. 🙂

Check out the Meetup (click here). The Prescott Sailing Club now simply supports the Meetup with hosting fees and some other needs. You can join the Meetup at no cost, and as a member of it, can suggest and plan an event yourself.

Must you own a sailboat to participate? No. There will often be room for you on someone else’s boat. As a Meetup member (see above) you can respond to an event ivitation with an inquiry as to whose boat might accommodate you.
What kind of sailboat is appropriate? Boats owned by Club and Meetup members are of a wide variety, so we are not encumbered by ‘single class’ issues. For sailing in these ‘not so big’ lakes, most of these boats are in the 12’ to 17’ range.
Must you have experience? No. Club and Meetup members are anxious to swell the ranks of enthusiasts, and will be more than happy to help you get started.
Are there meetings? Yes. Club (as opposed to Meetup) members meet to plan for the Club’s support of the Meetup, occasional publicity events and/or costs, and some ‘lobbying’ efforts related to maintenance & improvements of the lakes. Following these meetings, Meetup members have fun, largely social meetings as mentioned above under “What do we do?” Use the “Meetings” link at top of page.