Business name : Point Loma Yacht Club

The objective of this Club shall be to encourage the sport of yachting in cooperation with the Southern California Yachting Association (SCYA) and the San Diego Association of Yacht Clubs (SDAYC).

In so doing, the Club will promote an active social schedule for the benefit of its members and their guests. In all of its endeavors the Club will foster a Corinthian spirit and promote the traditions of the sport.”

The roots of the Point Loma Yacht Club go back to the summers of 1990, ’91,and ’92. In 1990 some of the liveaboards on K dock in Marina Cortez on Harbor Island formed the “K Dock Yacht Club”.

The club had a burgee and tee shirts with the motto “If you have nothing else to do”. Woody Wood was elected “Commodore for Life”.

During the same period some liveaboards on E dock were casually discussing the need for a real organized yacht club. At that time Susan McGuire was Commodore of Hollywood Yacht Club, she and Jim Rogers spoke many times about forming a yacht club made up of friends around Harbor Island.

In the spring and summer of 1993 Susan’s brother John McGuire, Jay Pogas, and Jim Rogers continued to promote the organizational phase of a club. In the late spring of 1993 Mike and Martha Slusser joined the group. Jim Rogers left for Nebraska on a business trip the same week. He fell ill while there and passed away, never getting to see the club as a reality.

In early January of 1994 David “Woody” Wood and his wife Linda Wood were asked for their input. On January 25, 1994 the club had its first “Founders Organizational Meeting”. The eight founding members of Point Loma Yacht Club in attendance were Susan McGuire, Woody and Linda Wood, Mike and Martha Slusser, Lisa Paulis, John McGuire, and Jay Pogas