Business name : Oceanside Yacht Club

Twelve boating enthusiasts met on February 6, 1963 with the intent of forming the Oceanside Yacht Club. The Oceanside Small Craft Harbor was a reality by then and the Southern California Yachting Association had given the group its guidance, advice, and encouragement. A week later, the group met with then Oceanside Councilman George G. Turnbull, Oceanside Harbor District Director Harold B. Snyder, and Harbor Patrol Chief David Owens. A committee consisting of Mildred Wright, Ken Gilman, Byron Jessup, Ray Borgeson, and Donald Aviano then drew up temporary club by laws.
On February 27, 1963, John Steiger, Mildred Wright, Byron Jessup, Pat Zahler, George Harris, Earle Shaw, and Robert Welden became the first temporary Board of Directors of the Oceanside Yacht Club. Dr. Welden was elected Commodore; John Steiger, Vice Commodore; Byron Jessup, Rear Commodore; and Earle Shaw. Secretary/Treasurer. The newly elected Commodore appointed Monte Yearly as Fleet Captain. Vice Commodore Steiger was given the task of investigating the possibilities of acquiring a permanent facility at the Oceanside Harbor. What was wanted and needed was a clubhouse for its members. The charter meeting of the Oceanside Yacht Club was held on March 20, 1963 at Marty’s Valley Inn with over eighty people in attendance. Everyone was encouraged to join the new Club, attend the monthly meetings and enjoy the happy hours that were held at Marty’s Valley Inn. By that May there were some fifty-club members. During this time period the club burgee was designed and the articles of incorporation were filed with the State of California.
The club’s first annual election took place on June 21, 1963 and the temporary board was confirmed to continue in office until the end of that calendar year. Membership by that July stood at one hundred and seven and this group were designated the founding members.