Business name : New Brunswick Sailing Association

We are delighted that you have taken the time to visit our web site. Our intentions are to be able to provide as much useful information for your benefit. The web page is designed to provide an overview of the programs and the benefits of our service. We would appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have that we could add to this site which would better assist you.

Who We Are

Sail/Voile NB is the provincial governing body for boating and the sport of sailing in the province and is Sail Canada’s representative in New Brunswick. Sail/Voile NB is a non-profit volunteer association with a mission to provide leadership, coordination and training to meet the needs of all New Brunswick boaters.

Sail/Voile NB promotes sailing and power-boating through collaboration with and by supporting our partners, the member clubs, the member sailing schools and other stakeholders. We encourage participation in the sport of sailing & power boating through excellence in instruction and development of coaches and officials. Sail/Voile NB actively participates in the development and maintenance of national policy and standards within the sport. Sail/Voile NB is the provincial voice, of sailors & power boaters, in dealing with regulatory authorities and others in matters affecting the sport of sailing and enjoyment of recreational boating; Every year Yacht Clubs, and Sailing Associations are asked to pay membership dues on behalf of individual members to Sail/Voile NB so that they remain “in good standing” and eligible to receive numerous member benefits. These membership dues are usually collected by Clubs as part of annual dues.

How You Can Benefit

There are many ways to benefit from Sail Canada’s Member Services. Your club or school may be a member organization, or may wish to become one! You may be a Sail Canada-certified coach or instructor, or wish to find out how to pursue your goals in sailing and boating instruction. Your company may wish to become a corporate sponsor or member. To become a member of Sail Canada, the best option is to join through your local member yacht club. Today the program is designed with many in mind and we encourage you if your not already involved to have a close look at the tremendous benefits these programs will deliver to you.