Business name : Nautic Club Austria

The Nautic Club Austria with headquarters in Graz is a member of the Austrian Ski Federation, the StSV and Sportunion Styria. In among its members is race director, judges and auditors, for all the driving areas.

Focus of club work are offshore activities and education (children, youth, inland sailing, FB 2, FB 3, FB 4, radio), taking part in ocean races, especially for cruising and long trips. We have crossed the Atlantic several times, were in the Pacific and in the Indian Ocean.
The NCA organizes theoretical courses for A-license, a course for FB2 and FB3, FB4 and sporadic courses for voice transmission. It is offered youth and children training in cooperation with involved parents. Children’s summer training in two weeks’ holiday.
For FB2 and FB3 there is an annual Übungstörn in Holy Week.
Every autumn the SCUP, the Styrian Cup for cruising sailors, at the same time the Styrian Offshore Championship, aligned in the Adriatic. Test rides for FB2 and FB3 are held annually in May / June and September / October.
Vienna Members of the NCA are organized in the North Department, which also prevents theory courses.