Business name : Maple Bay Yacht Club

Some Significant Dates In Our Club’s History

  • 1925 – June 17th, MBYC inaugural meeting and election of officers – July 4th, Opening reception and tea – July 25th, First dance – August 13th, First regatta
  • 1928 – February, Clubhouse and property purchased in Maple Bay – May, MBYC registered under the Societies Act
  • 1937 – Club officers’ titles changed from President, Vice President to Commodore, Vice and Rear Commodore, Fleet and Staff Captain
  • 1938 – Junior branch established
  • 1948 – First yearbook published
  • 1953 – Expansion of the clubhouse commenced
  • 1955 – Labour Day Regatta moved to Maple Bay from Cowichan Bay
  • 1970 – Club moved to the present location in Birds Eye Cove
  • 1978 – Opening of MBYC moorage
  • 1983 – Addition to clubhouse and deck
  • 1986 – Park Host Program, MBYC adopts Pirates Cove and becomes the first yacht club to participate
  • 1990 – Renovation begins on clubhouse
  • 2005 – 80th anniversary of the founding of MBYC and 35th anniversary of the club’s relocation

Some Historical Stories
Maple Bay Landmarks – Some History
The Last Great Battle
From Maple Bay Village to Imadene Cove
From Birds Eye Cove to Paddy’s Milestone
Octopus Point
Burgoyne Bay North to Grave Point
Samsun Narrows South to Musgrave and Separation Point

Two Articles
Download an article about the Lorna D’s 1943 South Pacific Cruise
Download and article written by Isobel Vogel called “Cruising in a Day Sailer” July 1947