Business name : Ketchikan Yacht Club

The Ketchikan Yacht Club was formed to encourage yachting, promote seamanship, and encourage the use of recreational advantages in Southeastern Alaska and particularly at Ketchikan, Alaska; and further, to provide and maintain a clubhouse for the recreation of its members, anchorage and other facilities for the use of its members and for such other fraternal, social and educational purposes as the club may engage in.

The Ketchikan Yacht Club consists of sail boat owners, power boaters, commercial sea pilots and captains, pleasure boaters–and some that own no boat at all. With a love of sailing and cruising, however, club members find a common bond of comraderie.

Established in 1933, KYC celebrated its Diamond Jubilee in 2008, with a 75 year celebration held in August 2008. At this approximate location for 75 plus years, the KYC was one of the initial tenants of Thomas Basin when it was built. Our annual year runs January to December, with elections held in December.

The club has two periods of active membership during the calendar year, from January to May, and from Sept to December. The summer recess includes June,July and August, when no meetings are held other than for the trustee’s monthly reviews of activities.

The summer features Friday evening BBQs, occasionally brunches, some informal cruises and group get togethers, community projects and lotsof visits with cruisers visiting Ketchikan for perhaps the first time. We invite you to stop by on a Friday Night, and meet others with your same interests.