Business name : Jericho Sailing Center

The Jericho Sailing Centre Association is a not for profit ocean community centre, not a private club.  There are no restrictions on the number of members allowed.  We sometimes have wait lists for boat storage (ground spaces) or locker rentals, but not for memberships.  If you want to learn how to sail, kayak, windsurf, paddle, SUP or skimboard, you can take lessons from one of the schools at Jericho (MacSailing, Ecomarine or Windsure) without being a member of the Jericho Sailing Centre Association.  You can also rent from the schools up to 5 times in a season without being a JSCA member.  If you purchase a season’s pass from one of the schools, join one of the clubs located at Jericho, or want to store your own craft at Jericho you must have a membership.

To join JSCA you will need to fill out an application form, pay the membership fee and have your photo taken for your membership card.   Currently a single membership is $99 and family is $142 for our year that runs from April 1 to March 31.  We have single, family, and junior memberships.  They are all yearly (from when you pay until the next March 31st), are non-transferable and are not pro-rated.
A single membership is for one adult.  A junior membership is for one person UNDER 18 years of age.  A family membership is for two adults in a spousal relationship living at the same address.  Family memberships may also include children of the adults, if the children are UNDER 18 years of age.

To store a boat at Jericho you must be a member.  With a single membership you are allowed to store one craft, with a family membership you can store two.  Storage fees are separate from membership fees and are based on the size of the craft you want to store here.  Storage fees are also yearly from April 1 to March 31.  They are pro-rated after October 1. Storage is outside in our yard.  Kayaks, canoes, sailboard, SUPs and similar craft are stored on racks.  Larger craft have ground storage locations.  You can usually bring a boat in and sign up for your membership all in one visit.  If you are bringing in a craft that will go on rack storage, when you come to our office we will give you a list of available spaces so you can choose the one you want.  If your craft requires ground storage it may be given a temporary location until a permanent space becomes available.  If you are bringing in a craft that requires ground storage it is best to phone in advance 604-224-4177 to check on availability.  If there is a wait list, you must be a member to add your name to it.