Business name : Hawkesbury River Sailing Club

The Hawkesbury River Sailing Club (HRSC) based at Brooklyn NSW, was framed in 1970 by a gathering of individuals wishing to give a well disposed cruising venue to themselves, their families and young people of the region. At first Club individuals met and dispatched their water crafts from the incline arranged only west of the present day F3 interstate street span. Initially the club comprised of an assortment of dinghy classes and it is from this straightforward starting that the Club developed into what it is today.

Present Day Club

Today the armada is fundamentally trailable yachts, however with regards to its birthplaces, the accentuation is still on well disposed family cruising. Our exercises incorporate cruising, dashing and on shore get-togethers. Cruising exercises comprise of weekend outings, some with overnight stays, essentially around the Hawkesbury River framework including Pittwater and the Brisbane Waters range. Cruising promote away from home is regularly embraced with excursions to the Myall Lakes, Port Stephens and Lake Macquarie. Get-togethers are normally held in conjunction with these travels to permit “non-cruising” relatives and companions to join in the good times. Dashing is directed over the mid year months from September to April in a region of the lower Hawkesbury River only south of Brooklyn. These occasions comprise of 10 warms of “round the floats hustling” with exhibitions being measured utilizing “measuring stick/CBH” and a “club handicap framework”. This then empowers us to run two dashing arrangement over the first 10 occasions.

We respect all trailer mariners to go along with us on any of our cruising, dashing or get-togethers, appreciate the experience and connection of club cruising, and in the event that you discover this movement to your preferring, then go along with us and get to be individuals.