Business name : Halvorsen Club of Australia

The Halvorsen Club is devoted to the safeguarding, reclamation and happiness regarding the exemplary timber water crafts assembled by Lars Halvorsen and Sons.

With the pooled learning and assets of its 150 pontoon proprietor individuals, the Club offers a wide assortment of specialized administrations, verifiable data and get-togethers for the advantage of its individuals.

Shaped in 1991 by the Honorable Dr. Derek Freeman The Halvorsen Club has more than 100 water crafts and 150 individuals around the shoreline of Australia. Pleased proprietors have given unlimited hours painting, varnishing, chrome plating and by and large safeguarding these glad and rich water crafts. The club helps proprietors with specialized data, prescribed tradespeople and hold verifiable data in regards to pontoon generation. We likewise compose an assortment of get-togethers. We anticipate helping you whenever.

A quarterly Newsletter is distributed and site routinely upgraded to keep individuals educated of the comings and goings of the Club. Exercises incorporate; pontoon ups, a yearly supper, Christmas lunch meeting/party, yearly BBQ, shoreline social gatherings, going to The Wooden Boat Festival, specialized days where we have visitor speakers who go on their specific mastery to individuals. There is awesome brotherhood in the Club and I’m certain you would discover the glow and amicability of the considerable number of individuals generally advantageous.

Voting rights are confined to individuals who own bona fide wooden Halvorsens developed by Lars Halvorsen Sons Pty Ltd and confirmed by the club’s historian. Other people who are occupied with safeguarding “the legend” are welcome to join as Associate Members and take part in all club exercises yet recognizing that Club Raft-ups will just incorporate honest to goodness Halvorsens.