Business name : Gold Country Yacht Club

Gold Country Yacht Club is a family-friendly group of boating enthusiasts located on Scotts Flat Lake in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada in the heart of California’s historic Gold Country. The area boasts several fine lakes and easy access to Lake Tahoe and the San Francisco Bay Area. Though members sail the year-round in various locations, the principal anchorage during the summer months is Scotts Flat Lake, situated on Deer Creek approximately five miles north of Nevada City. With a backdrop of verdant green mountains, a waterfall or two, ideal lake temperatures and gentle breezes, member families and friends are able to enjoy unpolluted air, clear water, spectacular scenery and a robust camaraderie with other sailing enthusiasts. Our club burgee reflects our local gold mining history (famous since 1849) together with the tall pine trees adorning the surrounding hills – hence a burgee of tall pine trees over a golden pickax on a field of crystal blue sky.