Business name : Fremont Sailing Club

The Fremont Sailing Club is an organization of approximately seventy-five families who have joined together to enjoy small boat sailing and related activities. These include regularly scheduled race events and special regattas at Lake Elizabeth in Fremont’s Central Park (map). There are also less stressful planned outings such as camp-outs and cruises on other waters. Click here to join!

Fremont’s Central Park offers families a wide variety of activities for the sailor and non-sailor alike. This makes our home waters a very special and valuable asset to the club. Numerous playground areas, a swim lagoon, and picnic areas are available to complement the sailing activities of the members.

Active fleets currently include the El Toro, Lido 14, and FJ. Fleet activities include monthly or bi-monthly potluck dinner meetings, which are usually held in member’s homes.

The Club publishes a monthly newsletter, the Windjammer, which announces the time and place of all club events for the coming month. Members may advertise in the Windjammer or on this web page, without charge, to buy or sell sailboats and related equipment. The Club maintains a ship stores, which offers sweatshirts, pins, pennants, patches, caps, etc.

August 1999 What’s HappeningThe Fremont Sailing Club was highlighted on the August 1999 cover of What’s Happening, a local magazine covering the events in the Tri-City (Fremont, Newark, and Union City) area. The Sailing Club is active in the community including volunteering as instructors of the sailing classes offered by the Fremont Recreation Department. Click here and search key word “sailing” under Activities to register for classes.