Business name : Fairwind Yacht Club

Fairwind Yacht Club, an all volunteer sailing cooperative in Marina del Rey and Channel Islands Harbor, is the ideal way for boating enthusiasts to have year-round access to sailboats without the high costs of ownership. Membership openings ebb and flow throughout the year. Download our membership application and mail it in to be considered. (We don’t accept applications emailed in.) The best way to learn about our club is to read our FAQ and attend one of our monthly Open Houses.

Established in 1966 as a nonprofit corporation, Fairwind Yacht Club is a family oriented association whose members enjoy training, quality sailing, cruising and fun with fellow members who share a common love of sailing and the sea.

We make sure that the volunteer work is fun and rewarding, and the quarterly dues are low and painless. Club benefits are numerous, and include year-round access to a variety of sailboats, ASA training, and private and group cruises to nearby marinas and to the Channel Islands.

Reservations for use of our twenty plus boats, which range from 14 to 40 feet, may be made online in advance, and checked out members are free to bring family and guests along. Restrooms, showers and parking facilities are all available for members and guests.

Foredeck of boat
The Channel Islands Work Day and Open House is held on either the third weekend of the month (Sundays on odd months and Saturdays on even months), the Work Day starts at 9am, the Open House orientation at 1pm followed by a daysail. Join us at Peninsula Yacht Marina, 3700 Peninsula Rd., Oxnard, CA 93035.