Business name : Emeryville Yacht Club

EYC has rounded out 2015 atop the waves! I feel I have nearly seen it all these past four years as a flag officer, but as of now I see a shipshape S.S. EYC in bristol fashion, with a bountiful track line left behind and an even richer course ahead; the compass pointing toward our founders vision of the “north star of the bay”. On the horizon I see an eager rising sun on the misty cloud lit sky and life abounding in all its forms giving us a display of grandeur.

Our club focus of increasing fun on and off the water has taken the club to another level and the activities calendar for 2015 was as packed as it’s ever been. Activities and events included; four board meetings, two general meetings, six cruise-outs, one “docktail” party, one opening day parade, a small official get together at Trader Vic’s, and we still have a Installation Dinner coming down the hawsepipe. It was an impressive calendar and I am pleased to say we had record attendance and fun at all events!

I would like to note, how lucky, and proud, I feel to be a part of this club and its growth. It has also been a very special personal growth period in my life and I’m glad I got to share it with all of you. None of which would have been possible without the great support from the EYC crew. Sailing aboard this fine ship alongside her jolly, and exceptional, crew has been a pleasure and there is no place I would rather be. I look forward to more adventures aboard, where the siren’s sweet song will surely lure us to where the spirit of fun awaits.

It is an honor to mention, we have a first rate 2016 Officer Cadre and together with the superb crew support, I feel that we have yet another great year ahead. Please join us at the Installation Dinner to be held aboard the Potomac on January 9th to install these fine officers and assist your fellow crew to set the course and make way for the voyage ahead.

May you all have a warm and blessed Holiday Season and I hope to see you in high spirits and ready for a fun yachting season!