Business name : Ebony Boat Club

EBC Historian and my husband Tony Hagans is the Editor of the Beacon our newsletter and our webmaster. We were sponsored by Commodore Malcolm Eady and accepted as members in 1991. Speaking for both of us, we have always been proud to be a part of this great organization. I hope you will enjoy reading about us and possibly share the good times with us.

1987 – Commodore Bill Melson

Ebony Boat Club has a very exciting and interesting beginning. It all began with twelve African-American boaters who often met and shared the same thoughts of having their own club, in other words a Boaters dream. They exchanged ideas and several months later after unbelievable hours of very hard work and determination the Boaters dream became a reality, and as a result, here we are members of the Ebony Boat Club. We have developed and accomplished many projects that relate to our communities and youth, along with a clubhouse full of special awards and trophies. Linda Overall was the only female Captain participating in the Boaters dream as a founder. Linda was an active member in Ebony Boat Club.