Business name : Del Rey Yacht Club

The above verbatim quotation from the preamble and first article of the Club’s charter indicates the high hopes of the five organizers (and concurrently the first Board of Directors, first slate of officers, and at the time, the entire Membership) of the new club dedicated “to promote and encourage, as its primary function and purpose, an interest in amateur yachting in all its phases…” The presumptuousness (or vision) of this founding group is further indicated by the choice of the club name at a time when the idea of a harbor or marina at the place once known as the “Bay of Winds” was still in the “dream” stage. Within approximately one year of the charter date, we had obtained membership of 25 (the required minimum) and applied for membership in S.C.Y.A. We were promptly accepted as members of “a recognized yacht club” and within the span of a comparatively few years increased our membership to almost 500.Through the efforts of hundreds of dedicated members, it is now possible to point to milestones of progress like these:On March 27, 1962, Del Rey Yacht Club, a non-profit corporation, and the County of Los Angeles entered into a 60-year lease for parcel No. 30 in the new Del Rey Marina. The construction of slips was commenced shortly thereafter, and in September 1965, a magnificent clubhouse was completed and dedicated.