Business name : Deep Cove Yacht Club

Officially, the Deep Cove Yacht Club began its existence on July 31, 1936 when it was registered as the Deep Cove Sport Association. Later the club was renamed the Deep Cove Yacht & Sport Club reflecting the members’ love for water sports and boating. Today most members and locals know the Club fondly as the Deep Cove Yacht Club.

The Municipality of North Vancouver kindly allowed the Club to rent a piece of land on the foreshore of what is now Panorama Park. In 1938 Club members cleared the land and erected a modest building. Using volunteer labour, they have maintained and improved the clubhouse, grounds and wharf systems right up until the present day.

During World War II, the clubhouse was used for many purposes, among them the Ladies Air Raid Patrol, the Red Cross Auxiliary and first aid meetings. In 1943, the Deep Cove Sports Association vacated their building and turned it over to the Municipality of North Vancouver, to be used as an elementary school for the duration of the war. In the summer of 1946, it was returned to the Sports Association. This was also the same year the Deep Cove Sport Association became the Deep Cove Yacht & Sport Club.

In these early years, the clubhouse was the focal point for most of the Cove’s Social and recreational activities. Since the early 70’s, in co-operation with the District of North Vancouver and Vancouver Ports, Deep Cove Yacht and Sport Club has been regularly reviewing and re-negotiating it’s land and Water lease at the home base. Completed in the last two years have been the reconfiguration of our home docks. It is the objective of every years Executive to ensure that our leases and facilities remain in tune to the long term needs of our Club Members.

In 1980 the Club installed three new water ballasted concrete floats for protection against winter storms. At the same time members constructed new concrete floats and new fingers for the docks, upgraded dock lighting and added electricity and water services. Financing for this development was undertaken solely by Club members. In 1982  the pier was extended, re-decked and a new aluminum ramp fitted.  In the past few years our home docks have undergone some significant changes. The Seaward Float was relocated further seaward and also lengthened providing additional moorage to 44ft. The reconfiguration of the dingy storage dock, D dock and Learn to Sail dock has also been completed. The numbering system for moorage slips has had an upgrade to a more friendly system to provide easier location of slips.