Business name : Convair Sailing Club

The Convair Sailing Club is a unique organization in the world of sailing clubs. First: it is not a commercial business. It is a group of folks banded together to enjoy sailing and “messing about in boats”. It is wholly owned by the members themselves and has no paid employees or officers. Costs of the Club are covered by an annual registration fee and a very small boat use fee, apportioned as the boats are used. Originally, the club was part of the CRA (Convair Recreation Association), a facility of the General Dynamics Corp. When that facility, along with GD, folded as far as San Diego was concerned, the members got together and re-established the Club as a non- profit corporation under California law. Members need no longer be employees of Convair or of General Dynamics. All of the work of the Club is done on a volunteer basis by the members; including administrative, maintenance and training. You, as a member, are expected to participate where you can and you will be called upon occasionally to do just that.

Our Fleet

The Convair Sailing Club Fleet consists of ten 21 ft. Catalina Victory sloops, four 23 ft. Pearson Ensigns, one 26 ft.Pearson Commander, and one Catalina 22.


The Convair Sailing Club (CSC) fleet is located in slips rented at the Harbor Island West Marina near the west end of Harbor Island on San Diego bay. The Marina provides parking, restrooms with showers and a swimming pool for the use of members and guests. The BoatHouse restaurant and a Deli are also located on site along with various other tenants including several yacht brokers and the Harbor Island Sailing Club, which also offers instruction, rental and charter services. Access to the Marina facilities is gained via key card access, issued to you upon checking out as a “Skipper”.