Business name : Cold Lake Sailing Club


The Cold Lake Sailing Association(CLSA) is that the product of alittle cluster of dedicated sailors United Nations agency courageously challenged the waters of Cold Lake long before a dock or any lakeside services existed. The perseverance of those few sailors, et al United Nations agency came when them throughout some twenty years, evolved into the sailing association we tend to square measure thus pleased with these days.


To expertise the pleasure and challenges of the waters of Cold Lake whereas learning and honing the abilities concerned within the recreational sport of sailing;

To promote sailing through community involvement and participation in water events like weekly club athletics and seasonal regattas, per the interests and accessible resources of our membership;

To encourage a vigorous race program to develop skills and maintain competency;

To actively encourage membership in our society, of sailing boat homeowners, persons want to crew on sailboats, and persons inquisitive about the game of sailing;

To encourage the event of a property junior sailing program per accessible resources.

We look forward to mistreatment this website to speak with the sailing community native to the Cold Lake space. At constant time we tend to square measure hopeful that the positioning can attract sailors of all talent levels to get pleasure from the hidden gem that’s Cold Lake, Alberta.