Business name : California Carver Club

The California Carver Club is an on-the-water “paper” boating club dedicated to the
cruising and enjoyment of the CARVER brand boat on the waterways of the Sacramento – San Joaquin Delta and the San Francisco Bay.
We enjoy six cruise-outs a year: Change of Watch; Prop Banger; Summer Solstice; Mystery Cruise; Hot Summer Nights; Autumn Solstice; and the Officers’ Cruise. Cruise leaders pick the themes and destinations. We are . . .
    A Club for Carver Owners and  Friends
A Club designed for the enjoyment of cruising, conversation, and camaraderie
A Paper Club (no work days)
PICYA Member, IOBG recognized
We are low key and low stress
We are the happiest, friendliest, and most relaxed Club on the Delta!