Business name : Barnt Green Sailing Club

It was in late 1986 that the newly elected Commodore, Michael Larkam asked me to write a history of the Club. Now, at the end of Philip Everard’s term of office as Commodore it is finished.


How it will be published or in what form it will be available for present and future members to read, I leave to the Committee. It has approximately 60,000 words and mathematically that works out at an average of 33 per day! Nothing startling or to be proud of but it does present  members with a saga of the early days of BGSC at Upper Bittell Reservoir.


I have drawn on a number of the founders for their memories and am particularly grateful to Charles Chatwin for the recollections of the origin of the Sailing section of Barnt Green Fishing Club. To Gordon Britton on the story of the growth of the “estate” and buildings and Stan Lennox (and family) for the details of the Cadet Class.

My thanks are also due to Rosemary and John Preston for all the typing and corrections I have called for from my original draft and confirming the records of the season’s prizewinners.  I have learnt a lot about the Club, especially from Norman Solloway of the hey‑day of the Plymouth estate and Richard Murray has also reminded me of the ramifications and details of the ever changing phasing in and out of the many classes.


To those early members ‑ still actively racing and sailing ‑ if I have omitted reference to you, please accept my apologies and to the present‑day members ‑ please maintain the heritage which has made the name of Barnt Green Sailing Club known throughout the United Kingdom and even further afield!