Business name : Baltic Wharf Sailing Club

The Baltic Wharf Sailing Club is a small, informal, affiliated Bristol sailing club, sailing & racing many classes within the at the heart of the historic City of Bristol. The club is always open to new members and offers a free  scheme.

We enjoy spending time on the water and improving our sailing through racing. Racing is friendly, yet competitive, and provides a challenge for both beginners and experienced sailors. We try hard to provide a supportive environment for our newer members and encourage everyone to come along to our regular non-sailing social occasions throughout the year, so all new members can quickly start to sail at Baltic Wharf!

The club meets at Bristol Docks on Saturday afternoons for the main sailing dinghy racing event. We’re quite relaxed with regards to the racing rules for beginners & have yet to resort to things like protest committees. For this reason, we’ve found Baltic Wharf to be a great club with which to start & pursue a sailing interest as a comparatively cheap hobby.

During the summer months we also organise evening club sailing sessions every Thursday. Depending on numbers & what sailors want to do, evenings can be sailed as a race or cruise. Generally, though, most evenings are sailed as a race with a view by most members to gaining an extra trophy at the annual prize giving! Evening sailing is normally followed, as are most club meetings, by food and a drink at the Cottage  on the waterside…

In addition to racing we also host a Wednesday cruising program, which is great if you’ve some extra time on your hands. As there’s likely other member’s sailing, the idea is that there’ll be help on hand if you need advice or assistance while you’re on the water. There’s also usually either a sandwich or pub stop at some point in the day…

The club’s Powerboat is always available to assist sailors & dinghies during all club water sports to make sure everyone’s well covered if they need help or advice.
Most members try to regularly practice & learn to drive the motor boat as a bit of an extracurricular activity, so anyone can help when they can while having a bit of extra fun & gaining a few transferable skills at the same time!

BWSC also has an active schedule with regards to visiting other clubs, visits are often spread across several days in the summer & camping is then arranged. If you know of a club that we could be visiting, please