Business name : Avon Sailing Club

Following discussions some local people had when sailing particularly on the River Avon or the Gloucester Sharpness Canal and chats on the bank, it was decided to hold a meeting to discuss the formation of a Sailing Club in the Tewkesbury area.   An Inaugural Meeting was held in the Office of Lt. Col. Alex Hattrell at Newton House, Church Street, Tewkesbury on Tuesday 8th October 1949.   There were eight people present: Lt. Col Alex Hattrell. (Who was Chairman for this meeting); Miss S. Rainsford; Miss C. Whittard; Dr. J. T. Spiridion; Dr. C. R. McCash; Mr. J. Beecham; Mr. D. G. Henderson; Mr. R. Rhymes.  Following the decision to form a Sailing Club they thus became the Founder Members.   It was unfortunate that Dr. John Greene, who had been one of the people most interested in forming the Club, was unable to be present at the Inaugural Meeting due to surgery commitments. He was to take an important part in the development and activities of the newly formed Club thereafter.  He was the guiding light for 20 years.

The original thoughts had been to reform the old Severn Sailing Club which had closed down during the Second World War, but following discussions with remaining officials of that dormant Club it was clear that they did not wish to co-operate. It was then decided at the next meeting held at the end of November that the club be known as The Avon Sailing Club. This name was advised to the Yacht Racing Association (now the R. Y.A) and accepted.

The first Officers and Committee were then elected at this meeting, Jan Spiridion and John Greene were made Vice and Rear Commodores, Alex Hattrell Hon Treasurer and the late Reg Rhymes became the first Hon. Secretary. It was decided that the 12ft National and Firefly Classes would be fostered and a Racing Committee was formed

The subscriptions were then decided: £3-3-0. Boat Owners; £1-1-0 Non Boat Owners; 10-6. Juniors; £4-4-0. Family Boat Owners.   These subscriptions were to remain unchanged for over ten years – until the 1960 AGM when the Club moved from Twyning to Chaceley.