Business name : Anguilla International Yacht Club

searching at Caribbean Nationals and other peoples elsewhere, Anguillians in reality are the various ones who love sailing most, and for nearly each occasion or celebration, be it first-rate or modest, they seize the opportunity to organize a
boat racing opposition and feature fun at sea, with an almost guaranteed ninety nine percent of the island’s populace feverishly walking around the island’s coast to aid and cheer along their favored boat.

The Anguilla global Yacht club (AIYC) ambitions to provide its contribution to increase, if ever feasible, this love even more, that specialize in a higher, deeper and wider mix of local and international mutual friendly cooperation to arrange different crusing activities concerning additionally non anguillian boats and crews and to embed the crusing virus (this means that love and recognize for the sea, the environment and mother Nature in standard) also into the more youthful generations. With the joint efforts of all its participants can also such motion of the AIYC carry its beneficial results to the island and its people.

The Anguilla international Yacht club (AIYC) is a non-income organization of Anguilla, open to all interested persons meeting the necessities outlined for club, and to their buddies.
The membership is integrated in compliance with the Anguillian legal guidelines and rules and organized in line with its Bylaws.
Its Governing Board is democratically elected by the AIYC contributors as furnished for with the aid of its Bylaws which are available to the public.