Business name : Aberdeen Boat Club

he Club features a wide selection of facilities for yacht, motorboat and cruiser house owners cover 2 club homes, with seawall and pontoon moorings offered for members’ exclusive use. The Club has around 9 hundred members and their families, hailing from over thirty five totally different countries.

The club is go past a extremely intended, capable and cheerful team of employees World Health Organization offer members and their guests with the best levels of service. The employees communicates fluently in English and Yue with some providing Mandarin, French, Hindi, and Nepali. Once you visit alphabet it’s straightforward to check why we have a tendency to area unit called “the friendliest Club in Hong Kong”


Located on the southern shore of city, Aberdeen is one amongst the oldest underpopulated areas on the Island. A fishing village and also the home mooring of the boat-dwelling Tanka individuals, Aberdeen has been a thriving harbour since long before either Zheng He or Columbus discovered America. it’s well documented that two hundred years agone the realm was a busy fishing community and haven for pirates, additionally as being home to women of negotiable virtue in floating bordellos! The maritime commerce of this once busy fishing port has evolved over the years and while still home to the Aberdeen fishing fleet, the harbour and storm shelter currently additionally plays host to Hong Kong’s distinctive giant floating eating place. The shelter could be a active hive of maritime activity with the spirited docking facility full of ferries, junks, sampans, water taxis, cruisers and yachts.

In 1962 Aberdeen was still a busy fishing port with a growing community of enjoyment boats. It’s proximity to the waters south of city Island inspired variety of enthusiasts with interests in seafaring and fishing to informally get along to found the fledgling Aberdeen yacht club. when this low key starting, interest grew and also the Club was formally established some years later in 1967. The Club’s secure harbour facilities with easy accessibility to near open water quickly established it as a preferred spot for sailing and quiet.